Tuesday, June 21, 2016 --
Time Panel Speakers
9:00 AM -- 9:20 AM Opening Remarks

As we begin NewSpace 2016, the Space Frontier Foundation, the conference sponsors, and all those involved would like to welcome you to Seattle.

  • Jeff Feige - Chairman, Space Frontier Foundation
9:20 AM -- 9:50 AM Welcome to Washington
  • John Thornquist - Director, Office of Aerospace, Governor’s Aerospace Sector Lead,
9:50 AM -- 10:30 AM Networking Break
10:30 AM -- 11:00 AM Keynote
11:00 AM -- 12:00 PM Uniquely Seattle

As the newspace industry develops and expands across the country, clusters of companies will emerge in different cities, shaping and being shaped by the environment and economy around them. Learn about the burgeoning Seattle newspace industry from leaders of Seattle companies, including Spaceflight Industries, Blue Origin, Vulcan Aerospace, Planetary Resources, and Aerojet Rocketdyne, and discover how and why Seattle is growing into one of America’s leading space hubs.

12:00 PM -- 13:00 PM Lunch Sponsored by Blue Origin
13:00 PM -- 13:30 PM Keynote
13:30 PM -- 14:30 PM NotSpace: Lessons Space can Learn from Other Industries

Though the aerospace industry is incredibly innovative on its own, there are many other industries advancing the forefront of technology as well, creating new business models and succeeding in unprecedented ways. This panel will explore what other industries have achieved and the difficulties they have encountered, revealing what newspace can learn from them and how these lessons will advance commercial space exploration.

14:30 PM -- 15:15 PM Networking Break

15:15 PM -- 15:45 PM The Shape of Things to Come

We humans co-evolve with our tools. This is an ongoing dynamic with key inflection points throughout history, such as the move to agriculture, and the Industrial Revolution. We’re in another major inflection point now, focused on how one of our most powerful tools, the digital world, is expanding into a new realm, the physical world. While until only recently “the real world” and “the cloud” seemed to be so different, we’re now seeing that there’s a merging of the two, and it will only increase in future. As digital technology transforms the processes of design and creation, how does that impact the designers and users? Are these technologies also changing the way humans approach and answer questions about the best way to design or build something? What does this change mean for living, working and designing in the modern era? Using generative design, digital manufacturing, and artificial intelligence examples, Jonathan will explore some ideas about the future, and posit what our future state(s) will be, sharing his viewpoint on the shape of things to come for our future in space.

15:45 PM -- 16:45 PM NewSpace Venture Labs Briefing

The Space Frontier Foundation's director of venture strategy and research, Jeff Matthews, and some of our team will provide an overview of the Foundation's newest project, NewSpace Venture Labs. Held in the Pioneer room, upstairs to Emerald.

  • Jeff Matthews - Director of Venture Strategy and Research, Space Frontier Foundation
15:45 PM -- 16:45 PM Not Rocket Science: Your Career in Space

The newspace industry is booming with job opportunities, and you may be surprised that there are careers in just about any field of practice imaginable. Beyond engineering, there exist opportunities in computer science, business development, investment, finance, marketing, communications, and so much more. During this panel, hear from some industry professionals who encapsulate this diversity and their compelling stories about how they arrived at their current roles.

  • Caitlin O'Keefe - Director of Marketing and Communications, Planetary Resources [moderator]
  • Chris Boshuizen - Entrepreneur in Residence, Data Collective VC
  • Ray Ramadorai - Principal: Avionics, Communications and Power, Planetary Resources
  • Erika Wagner - Business Development Manager, Blue Origin
  • Don Weidner - Owner, Formidable Ventures
16:45 PM -- 17:15 PM Reframing the Industry: Newspace is Now

The idea of “old space” versus “newspace,” including all of the conflicting trivialities that have come to define this comparison, is a clash that needs to be redefined. Debra Facktor Lepore, Vice President and General Manager of Strategic Operations at Ball Aerospace will discuss how these two divisions of the greater aerospace industry have changed each other and how their relationship has evolved.

17:15 PM -- 17:30 PM Closing Remarks

19:30 PM -- 22:30 PM Event sponsored by Spaceflight Industries at Columbia Tower Club

Wednesday, June 22, 2016 --
Time Panel Speakers
9:30 AM -- 10:00 AM The Intersection of Newspace and Old Space

  • Jim Simpson - Senior Vice President, Strategy and Business Development, Aerojet Rocketdyne
10:00 AM -- 10:30 AM Top 10 Lessons From a Space Entrepreneur

Space is hard, and so is entrepreneurship. With the number of start-up and scale-up aerospace companies on the rise, we often fail to discuss the broad range of challenges faced by many aspiring entrepreneurs. In his talk, Mark Sirangelo will tackle some of the biggest myths about entrepreneurship and the lessons he has learned throughout his storied career.

  • Mark Sirangelo - Corporate Vice President, Sierra Nevada Corporation's Space Systems
10:30 AM -- 11:15 AM Networking Break

11:15 AM -- 12:30 PM NASA as an Accelerator

NASA serves many roles, one of which is to accelerate startup companies seeking to develop novel technologies that advance humankind’s space exploration capabilities. But what is the nature of this kind of relationship, how does NASA serve as an accelerator, and how do these companies continue to grow after they no longer need NASA’s assistance?

12:30 PM -- 13:30 PM Lunch Sponsored by Systima Technologies

Lunch is brought to you by Systima Technologies. Systima is an experienced leader in the design, development, qualification and manufacturing of spaceflight pyrotechnic systems. Systima also has extensive experience in the engineering, design and development of aircraft carriage and release systems, pyrotechnic actuators, missile shroud and stage separators, dispense and deployment systems, propulsion systems and inflation products. Our engineering team provides rapid end-to-end engineering support to expedite transition from concept to production.

13:30 PM -- 14:00 PM Meet Your Next Engineer: A Panel Discussion with University of Washington Advanced Rocket Propulsion Team

A panel discussion with students from the University of Washington Society for Advanced Propulsion (UW SARP) discussing their activities and recent launch. UW SARP is a group of students in the Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics dedicated to developing hybrid rocket technology, and providing an opportunity for students to design, build, test and launch rockets. It is both a group open to all AA students as well as a Senior Capstone Design Class. Systima highly values the STEM activities that focus on applicable engineering skills to workplace performance. We have found great value in internships and direct hires from programs such as these. These young engineers get great real-life experience for rapid impact to the work force earlier. This is especially valuable to small companies who have less resources for training and onboarding new engineers. This panel will allow interaction with these students and gain knowledge about this program.

14:00 PM -- 15:00 PM Advancing Newspace through Marketing & Communications

Communicators shape and tell the brand/industry story and act as an important interface with various public audiences. Space exploration has risen to the forefront once again in the minds of the American people with the explosion of commercial activity. How is the story of the commercial space industry being told and how can entrepreneurs implement a successful communications strategy?

  • Jim O'Leary - Corporate Practice Chair, Edelman Americas [moderator]
  • Jeff Foust - Senior Staff Writer, SpaceNews
  • Caitlin O'Keefe - Director of Marketing and Communications, Planetary Resources
  • Brooke Salkoff - Corporate Director of Communications, Sierra Nevada Corporation
15:00 PM -- 15:45 PM Networking Break

15:45 PM -- 16:45 PM Global Space: A Comparison of Newspace Industries Around the World

Newspace is more than just the United States. Governments and companies around the world are fostering and joining the newspace movement, influenced by different factors and with entirely different goals from region to region, country to country. What drives different regions to explore space, how does a commercial space industry affect its home region, and what similarities/differences exist between different areas? How do different cultures, governments, and societal characteristics around the world influence space exploration, and what can the rest of the world learn from these differences?

  • Eric Stallmer - President, Commercial Spaceflight Federation [moderator]
  • Masayasu Ishida - Principal, A.T. Kearney, Tokyo Branch
  • Ofer Lapid - Co-founder and CTO, Space-Nest
  • Tim Parsons - Founding CEO, Delta-V Space Accelerator
  • Saadia Pekkanen - Associate Director and Professor, Jackson School of International Studies, University of Washington; Contributor, Forbes,
16:45 PM -- 17:15 PM A Bright Future
17:15 PM -- 17:30 PM Closing Remarks

19:30 PM -- 22:00 PM Event sponsored by Planetary Resources at Frolik

Thursday, June 23, 2016 --
Time Panel Speakers
9:30 AM -- 10:00 AM Opening Keynote
  • Joe Landon - Chairman of the Board, Space Angels Network
10:00 AM -- 11:00 AM The Business of Space: Stages of Investment and Startups

This panel consists of newspace companies in various stages of growth, ranging from startup, through Series A, B, and C financed companies, to profitable, self-sustaining companies. This panel will explore the adversities, accomplishments, and general experiences these companies have had at different stages of investment.

11:00 AM -- 11:30 AM Networking Break

11:30 AM -- 11:45 AM Update on XS-1

11:45 AM -- 12:15 PM Keynote

12:15 PM -- 13:15 PM Lunch Sponsored by WayPaver Foundation

Lunch is brought to you by WayPaver Foundation, a research-guided grant making institution that supports science and technology development in furtherance of lunar settlement. Join us during this lunch to learn more and help WayPaver design a future grant program to further lunar settlement!

13:15 PM -- 13:45 PM Keynote

The benefits of space settlement are far-reaching and have the potential to solve some of the greatest global challenges we face today. A sustained human presence on the lunar surface can help make that a reality. WayPaver Foundation was established in 2015 with a mission of supporting science and technology in furtherance of lunar settlement. Join Nick Arnett and Patrick Gray during this session to learn more about how WayPaver intends to fulfill this mission and how you can be part of it.

13:45 PM -- 14:45 PM Risk and Opportunity: Emerging Businesses and Markets

Newspace companies are attracting investments from a variety of sources both within and beyond the aerospace community, in a multitude of forms and sizes. What are these investors interested in, why do they find newspace companies to be attractive investments, and what are some of ways newspace companies are being accelerated, incubated, and invested in? This panel will explore these questions and more, investigating how and why the newspace industry has become so attractive to investors.

14:45 PM -- 15:15 PM Networking Break

15:15 PM -- 15:45 PM Closing Keynote
15:45 PM -- 16:00 PM Closing Remarks

  • Hannah Kerner - Executive Director, Space Frontier Foundation
  • Geoff Nunn - Exhibit Developer / Adjunct Curator for Space History, Museum of Flight
18:00 PM -- 22:30 PM NewSpace Awards Gala at the Museum of Flight

Join us Thursday evening for the black tie NewSpace Awards Gala, which serves to honor five recipients of awards for extraordinary achievements in the commercial space industry. 5:30-5:45pm: Bus pickup from the Motif 6:00-7:15: Reception and Silent Auction in Space Gallery 7:30-10:00: Dinner in Great Gallery A reception will be held prior to the Awards Gala from 6:00-7:15pm in the Museum of Flight's Charles Simyoni Space Gallery. Drinks and hors d'oeuvres will be served as guests mingle and browse the silent auction, all among multi-sensory exhibits and a full-size Space Shuttle trainer. The Space Frontier Foundation will also hold its annual pinning ceremony to induct a new cohort of Advocates. The main event of the Awards Gala commences at 7:30pm in the T.A. Wilson Great Gallery, including a decadent three-course meal catered by McCormick & Schmick's, a silent auction, and the pinnacle awards ceremony with special guest MC Miles O'Brien. This event will recognize five individuals for their and/or their organization's outstanding achievements to commercial space and the space frontier. Enjoy an evening with the most influential individuals in the industry to celebrate the past year's incredible accomplishments and toast to all the wonderful ways in which the newspace community is growing. 2016 Award Winners: Vision to Reality: Bigelow Aerospace, accepted by Mr. Robert Bigelow Pioneer of NewSpace: Representative Kevin McCarthy NewSpace Journalism: Rachel Crane, accepted by herself Best Presentation of Space: Emily Calandrelli, accepted by herself Service to the Frontier: Secret!